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September 6, 2004: This page is now closed, no new announcements will be posted here. From now on all announcements will be posted on the new About Billy the Kid Message Board under the "Bulletin Board" category.

August 22, 2004: There's a new addition to my website! I'm interested  to know a little about my website visitors, so I constructed a survey. To participate click here.

August 11, 2004: For you Young Guns movie buffs out there, I have added a link to a Young Guns Movie Trivia from For access, visit my Young Guns web page. Note: I had nothing to do with these trivias, I'm just making you aware of it. Also on both the Young Guns I & II pages, I added a link to IMDb movie info at the bottom of each page. There was also minor updates made to the FAQ  and Link  pages.

August 6, 2004: The Ruidoso News on this weekend's Old Lincoln Days celebration and a list of events. Also an article on the Fort Stanton Lives event scheduled for next weekend on the 14th.

August 4, 2004: Fort Stanton preservationists continue their struggle to get funding to turn the old historic fort into a tourist attraction and living museum. This struggle has been going on for years and it's a shame this historical fort has to rot away, while there seems to be enough money to fund the pointless Billy the Kid DNA investigation. I say that money should go to saving the 148 year old fort enriched with history, including playing apart in the Lincoln County War. For more on this story click here.

August 2, 2004: Irrelevant findings in hopes to bring about more reason to continue with the Billy the Kid DNA investigation. Read here for the Associated Press article.

July 28, 2004: Last reminder! Old Lincoln Days and the Billy the Kid pageant is just around the corner. The annual festival is scheduled for  August 6-8th, for more info call (505) 653-4025. Also scheduled for that same weekend is the Pony Express Trail Ride through Billy the Kid country in Lincoln County and riding in the Old Lincoln Days parade. For info on that call (505) 336-2095. If you're thinking about going to Old Lincoln Days you better hurry up and make your reservations before it's too late.

July 24, 2004: The town of Lincoln, which is the most well-known and popular Billy the Kid historical spot, has been voted the "Best Wild West Town in New Mexico." For more about it, here's an article from the Ruidoso News.

July 14, 2004: 123 years ago today, Billy the Kid was shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett -he was about 19-20 years old.

July 14, 2004: "Kiddin' with the Kid" from the Fort Worth Business Press.

July 3, 2004: The Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang's annual campout is coming up on July 15-17th at a campground in Ruidoso. For more details on this event, visit the BTKOG's Official Website.

July 1, 2004: Aside from a new look, About Billy the Kid Website has been updated: Billy the Kid Poll & Quiz,  and web pages, Did you know...?, Miscellaneous, Filmography, & Biography.

June 29, 2004: The Billy the Kid DNA controversy "continues to simmer in Silver City." Click here.

June 25, 2004: Silver City, Fort Sumner and the Billy the Kid Historic Preservation Society are demanding answers from Governor Richardson pertaining to the Billy the Kid DNA investigation and to disassociate himself from it. Click here for the story from from Alan Boyle (scroll down towards the bottom).

June 23, 2004: Silver City ask the governor to drop ties to the exhumation. Click here for the story.

June 10, 2004: In the Silver City Daily Press, an article ran that Steve Sederwall and Sheriff Sullivan of Lincoln County were UN-invited to the town's fundraiser event, the Billy and Millie Ball on June 19th. Many residents, including Silver City Councilman, Steve May, who has been very active in protecting Catherine Antrim's grave, were outraged by this invite. The organizers then withdrew their invitation. Sederwall commented to being unvited to the event, "In Lincoln County we have the original headboard from Catherine Antrim's grave. We were going to run the artifacts down to Silver City and (make them a part of history), but Sullivan and I decided last night that you're not going to get them now. Tom and I will go on with our business as if Silver City doesn't exist."

June 8, 2004: Mayor of Capitan, Steve Sederwall, and Sheriff Tom Sullivan, who have instigated the DNA investigation were ironically invited to a Silver City event, the Billy and Mille Ball,
a Mimbres Region Arts Council fund-raiser, by the organizers as guest of honor. The duo accepted the invitation to a city where there has been protest towards the men who are trying to dig up and desecrate the city's cemetery in an effort to exhume Billy the Kid's mother. Many Silver City residents are not at all happy about this invite.

June 7, 2004: Old Lincoln Days and the Billy the Kid Pageant is coming up! On the first weekend of August the historical town of Lincoln celebrates their history with a festival. There will be seminars with historian Drew Gomber, living history demonstrations, crafts, music, plenty of food and then of course there's the annual Billy the Kid pageant. If you plan on going you better make your reservations now, because there won't be an available motel room within 100 miles of Lincoln that weekend.

March 25, 2004: Columnist Jay Miller puts to question some important issues regarding the Billy the Kid DNA investigation. Click here to read his article on my Billy the Kid Forum.

May 17, 2004: Belated article on the horseback trail ride called Billy the Kid's Last Ride, where riders and their horses endured a long trek from Lincoln to Fort Sumner.

April 30, 2004: For those of you that missed the History Channel program Investigating History that featured a documentary on Billy the Kid, it will air again May 2, 04 -Sunday evening 7pm/6c. Although the history portion is quite accurate, the show was very bias in favor of the DNA investigation and avoided the opposing view of the debate.

April 26, 2004: Sheriff Tom Sullivan of Lincoln County is finishing his term as sheriff this December and the candidates running  -both Democrat & Republican- refuse to pick up the Billy the Kid DNA investigation. All agree and stated that they have much better things to do with their time as sheriff of Lincoln County then hunting for a corpse. To view the article by Rene Romo from the Albuquerque Journal see my forum by clicking here.

April 21, 2004: Fort Sumner's struggle to raise money to protect  Billy the Kid's grave. Click here for the article in the Ruidoso News.

April 18, 2004: Last week Fort Sumner has filed a motion opposing the petition by the investigators to exhume Billy the Kid. This means another hearing and the Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce has announced that they have started a defense fund and are seeking donations. Click here for the article from

April 2, 2004: Silver City judge says "No" to digging up Catherine Antrim unless Billy the Kid could be exhumed for DNA comparison (well, we kinda knew that already). Now it all lies in the Fort Sumner hearing. Click here for the Associated Press article.

April 1, 2004: The Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce is accepting donations for the Billy the Kid Defense Fund, the money will go towards the court battle to protect the Kid's grave and the historical Fort Sumner cemetery. To learn more about this DNA investigation controversy and how you can help protect Billy the Kid and his mother's grave click here or visit the Billy the Kid Historic Preservation Society website.

March 3, 2004: The DNA investigation is making their first move to dig up Billy the Kid. Click here for the latest news on the exhumation from

March 1, 2004: The Discovery Channel website has a new  web page on Billy the Kid for subscribers only, but I'll make it available to all my site visitors shortly. The page was constructed by web designer Clint Baker and the material was researched and written by me. It's a fun interactive web page with illustrations, narration and music. It will be up and running later today, but until then click here to view info on Billy the Kid from the Discovery Channel website.

January 23, 2004: Today the judge has allowed a continuance for the pro-DNA team. The next court hearing concerning the exhumations of Billy the Kid and his mother is now scheduled for next summer. I think it’s pretty shady that those that provoked this DNA investigation have been allowed to prolong it and drag it out. Obviously they weren’t as prepared as they boasted and now it will cost taxpayers more money. Both the communities of Fort Sumner and Silver City are against the disruption of their historical cemeteries, so why they can’t be allowed to say “NO” to the exhumations is beyond me. I also find it interesting that Sheriff Sullivan said, "We've got so much opposition, it just makes me more determined to find the truth." Doesn’t that say something? Well, I guess democracy doesn’t exist in New Mexico, because in this case the majority doesn’t rule. For more, read these articles on and

January 21, 2004: The court hearing in Silver City concerning the exhumation of Catherine Antrim, which was scheduled for the 27th, has been postponed -click here for the story on

January 19, 2004: Silver City wants Catherine Antrim's original grave marker returned to them from the historic town of Lincoln where it has been on displayed in the courthouse museum. Read here  for the full story on

January 16, 2004: The Billy the Kid Historic Preservation Society denounces the tale of Garrett's wife confessing to a young boy that her husband shot the wrong man. Read the rebuttal story on (please note -when you view the MSNBC web page, scroll down to Jan 15th).

January 13, 2004: Did Pat Garrett's wife confess that her husband shot the wrong man or did she? Click here for the story on CNN. Strange that Garrett's wife died in 1936, but yet told two boys in 1940 that her husband didn't shoot Billy the Kid, but instead shot a drunk passed out in the street and passed him off as Billy the Kid. Of course the only way she could've told the youngsters  was through a séance. Those behind the DNA investigation are obviously hoping this tall tale will give them more cause that this DNA test must be done to clear Garrett of cold-blooded murder. By trying to clear the name of Sheriff Pat Garrett, it seems all this "Pro-DNA" talk has done is continuously slander Garrett, but I guess as long as it gets them the okay to start tearing up graves, we'll be hearing more of it.